Alashan Dakang Fine Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
About us

Restructured from Jilantai Dakang Company in Alashan Prefecture, Dakang Fine Chemical Stock Company Limited was founded in 1993. Upon the approval by Economy and Trade Commission of Inner Mongolia and registered in the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of Inner Mongolia in Dec. 2002, the company was restructured into a stock company, with the registered capital of RMB 83 million and the total asset of RMB 500 million. The Company situates in the Alashan Economic Development Park, which is located in the area with the common boundary of Alashan Prefecture, Wuhai City and Ningxia. It closely neighbors the No.110 State Highway and Jing-zang (Beijing-Tibet) Expressway, and only five kilometers far from the Wuhaixi Station of Baolan (Baotou-Lanzhou) Railway, for which the transportation is quite convenient.

Upholding such ideology of "Honesty, Credit, Efficiency and Innovation", and based on the local advantages of resources, the Company is now energetically developing the fine chemical industry by successively investing such fine chemical products as trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, trichlorosilane, plastic packages, industrial water supply, households water supply, Indigo powder, phthalocyanine green, electrode paste, carbon block, ADC foamers etc. We are an all-round enterprise ntegrating fine chemicals, water supply, plastic packing and real estate development. We boast leading equipments and technologies, including gas phase catalysis process technology for trichloroethylene/tetrachloroethylene. Our brand-name product trichloroethylene is used as the major raw materials for refrigerant F-134A, and is highly competitive in both the domestic and overseas market. Furthermore, the Company runs the largest production base of plastic package in the west. The Company has a capable team both technically and professionally, and they are dealing with not only marketing and sales but also providing pre-sales and after-sales services. The marketing net has covered most provinces and cities in China, and we have won strong support and high reputation from various sectors of the society.

Based on the quality, the Company has given great importance to quality system and safety system. In 2003, the Company obtained the quality certification of ISO9001:2000, and in 2008, it was approved by the OHS system. Since then the quality of product and service as well as the benefits both socially and economically have witnessed a great improvement.

The company will firmly seize the opportunity brought by the Western Development Strategy to strengthen company management and give full play to local resource advantages, further optimize capital structure, expand our scale and realize rapid and sound development, and to create more reward for shareholder.

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